• District 322G

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Past District Governors

Balram Singh Rathor

Lions Club Gauhati

Supta Apartment,Madhavdevpur,Guwahati [assam]


A young man emerged as a born leader in the suburbs of Kolkata way back in the early sixties. He was a leader in his school classroom in - Kendriya Vidyalaya, Barrackpore where he studied. A leader as a star athlete and football player in the playground, a leader in NCC where he was the best cadet, a leader as an astute debater, a master entertainer.

Yes, this golden boy of North Indian origin, born and brought up in Kolkata and having spent a major portion of service life in Assam is our own Lion Bal Ram Singh Rathod.

Later in life Lion Rathod obtained a Private Pilot license and no sooner he completed his studies he became a leader in his professional pursuits as a marketing executive in a countrywide renowned manufacturing company. He rose to the level of General Manager and after his retirement from service, he is a Consultant for his Company.

In the year 1990 Lion Rathod got a Clarion call from his inner self and joined the Lions Movement to quench his thirst for humanitarian services and fellowship. His presence in the undivided District level began with a bang when he made his presence felt at the Siliguri Conference 'Conjoy' in 1993-94. Since then Lion Rathod never looked back. He served as the President of Lions Club of Gauhati in 2001-02 when the Club reached insurmountable heights - both in service and Administration. Lions Image Building cum Fund Raising Program through Jagjit Singh Nite and sports meet for the differently abled is unforgettable along with the induction of vision van by then honourable Governor of Assam Lt. General S. K. Sinha.

Gauhati Lions Eye Hospital, the signature project of Lions Club of Gauhati took a giant leap during his stewardship as the President and as the Eye Hospital Chairman. He came out with overwhelming success as District Co-ordinator – Hunger in 2018 by making us placed in a position of pride amongst the comity of Lions District of our Multiple District 322 during the Lionistic Year 2019-20.

His diplomatic handling of situations as the Vice- District Governor II is unparalleled.

Lion Rathod has served most of the key posts at the Lions District level and has also excelled in every sphere. He made friends wherever he stepped in. His charming smile makes us feel that he is our own. His independent bent of mind and creative thinking make him a well-accepted personality. His confidence and belief in himself makes him a strong personality. His passion towards Humanitarian service makes him a loveable person. His daring and bold approach under demanding situations makes one feel secure in his very presence.

  • He has the heart to beat at every cry.
  • He has a mind with abundant knowledge.
  • He has a vision for a long term goal for his Lions District.
  • He has an appetite to penetrate deep into any burning issues.
  • He has the talent to observe, express an communicate effectively..

Lion Rathod has love for humanity, Love for Lionism, affection for his fellow Lions , and above all, he has a willing spirit always ready to act.

Lion Rathod as our Leader is ready to sacrifice his Time and Talent for the cause of Lionism. Particularly at this juncture, when the whole world is set in to witnessing a massive change in the field of Community Service and Episodical Volunteerism after the COVID Pandemic.

We need an experienced, farsighted and dynamic Lion Leader to lead our newly formed Lions District 322G and Lion Rathod is amongst us at the right time.